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I'm sorry. I couldn't quite hear you over all that bitching.. </3 shot

Wanna know how I started drawing?
It all started with simple notes with :iconjigo-san: Seriously.. stupid funny comics and such.
Wanna know how I learned to draw animals and extra stuff?
:icon0okamiseishin: TAUGHT ME WELL. <3 'nuff said.

~92% of my work are sketches.
~I try to be on daily.
~Roleplays are fun. xD Note me for that.
~I chat a LOT.
~I'm weird/awkward
~I am brutally honest~ =D
~My mind is so dirty Mr. Clean wont touch it...
~I bring Silly to a whole 'nother level.
~I talk to myself. I answer myself. That's about the only intellectual conversation I get...
~I'm very open about myself in a respectful way. If you know me.. you know what I am saying...
s'all you need to know, really... :/D
Ask me anything!

OH!! I chat with ALL my watchers!!! I try to anyway.. >_>;
Friends too but its harder because I have so many.. lol

Tickle my fancy with a good chat or funny stuffs? Note me for my AIM, Skype, gmail, etc... if you have one and like to talk. <3

....and..... I get most of my brushes and SAI things from :icondarlingmionette: who is a very talented artist and a great help to the DA community with her nice tutorials and such. :3

ME!!! Request for Lady-Mishka by CloudRider99 Draw by :iconcloudrider99: <- So amazing~

Adoptables-Nature-Animal ((wolf pup)) by BloodyMary42 Thanks for :iconbloodymary42: For this~! Thanks to :iconratchet-halo: for help getting this~! You two are KJSBFKJDBSFJU AWESOME!!!!!!!! <3

Drucilla by BloodyMary42 My Drucilla. ;A; Such a talented artist!!
Collab: Be my Valentine by BloodyMary42 ^ Same artist, we totally did a collaboration here, I drew the bases and she filled it in with everything else. ^3^ So kawaii~
Collab: {JamesxMary} In the Morning.... by BloodyMary42 Another collaboration~! Hehe, this one is a bit... more.. romantic. <3
Now! Go watch her. o-o

Am I saying something you are unsure of?
((Most common questions I get, I will add more as they come~))
FFS~ For fucks sake
TBH~ To be honest
SOL~ Shit outta luck
ATM~ At the moment
TYT~ Take your time
BTW~ By the way
FTW~ For the win
CBA~ Cannot be arsed/bothered
.I.~ Equivalent to a middle finger.
IDGAF~ I don't give a fuck
LOL~ Just as you see OTL My LOL is the form of a person throwing up there hands.
  • Mood: Thrilled
  • Listening to: Florence and the Machine
  • Reading: Books... in your bedroom. How creeperific is that?
  • Watching: FairyTail
  • Playing: Skyrim
  • Eating: Strawberry's. ^3^
  • Drinking: Snapple!
Spin the Bottle Meme

1. Please don't look ahead. It will be funnier for all of us if you don't actually READ the questions.
2. Please put a link in the comments section and link back to me or this page.
3. There is no rule #3, I just like the number.

1. Lucas
2. Drucilla
5. Jennica
6. Samael
7. Aki
8. Kairo
9. John
10. James

1. 3 volunteers to go first. Why?
Because the chicken shit wants to get it over with. xD

2. The bottle spins to 4. What is 3's reaction?
Ewwwwww, that is his sister!! Jericho: D': Just no... not even once...

3. 8 goes next. Who do they hope the bottle spins to?
''''''''''''''''''''''''xD Kairo? *might die over this* I would say out of who is there...... Aki? *is crushed*

4. 5 goes next, and the bottle lands on 7. Does anyone throw a hissy fit?
Not one person. 0.0

5. 6 is up next. Who would be most annoyed if the bottle landed on them?
BUAHAHAHA, the question would be; who wouldn't be!!! But if I had to pick one I would say Kairo..

6. OH NO!! The bottle lands on them! What is the angry one's reaction?
Kairo would punch Sam in the face. xD There would be no kissing there! 

7. Now that that's over, who goes next? Why?
Jennica would. \(^3^)/ She likes the attention~

8. Well, that was interesting. 10 spins, and the bottle points to one character's pet. WHAT HAPPENS?
James.. would do nothing. Lol.. he would leave if the pet was even near him.

9. Okay, then...... Now it's 2's turn. The bottle points to 3. Now what?
Drucilla would say ew and then give Jericho a quick smooch. *takes picture* D'awwwwe *is murdered*

10. All right, then. 7 is up. The bottle lands on who but 5. Is anyone angry now?
Again, not one person. 'xD

11. Niiiice. Now 9, who has yet to go or be landed on, must spin. Looking around, they realize that 8 and 2 are both asleep, for whatever reason. What diabolical plan do they come up with?
John find Kairo and Dru sleeping? xD LOL, well despite the fact that Kairo doesn't sleep.... they would probably wake up married if John had his way. Aha;

12. Too bad. The bottle lands on 1. Is 9 upset?
Well, yeah. xD Lucas is a dude and John wouldn't kiss that!!

13. 4 is next to 9, and therefore goes next. Who dies?
This is escalating fast. xD Let's see... Dahlia would kill.. Jennica is she ever could. To bad she cannot. 'xD

14. Yep, that was random and uncalled for. But who did the bottle land on? Is 4 upset?
I'll say Samael. 'xD He would be the only one not to mind.. Dahlia would hate it though since she has this thing for someone else~

15. 1 is next to 4, and revives whoever died in question 13, then spins. The bottle lands on the revived one. What is the kiss like?
If Lucas revived Jen (who really wouldn't die by Dahlia) and then had to kiss her.. xD Oh my! She would take his virginity soul! *shot*

16. Back to three. What's in the bottle?
Are we asking Jericho here? o-o'  Hehehehe Jericho: After number 2.... if it was alcohol... it would be gone by now...

17. Please continue with what you think would happen below.
Lucas: *would leave because Jen would chase him away*
Drucilla *would try to keep everyone together for continuous play*
Jericho *would avoid Jen like the plague*
Dahlia *would vie for James's love and affection.... relentlessly.....*
Jennica *would pretty much glomp anyone there*
Samael *would try to glomp Jen*
Aki *would do nothing*
Kairo *would pick a fight with anyone who kept this shit up!*
John *would try and set up one of his three children that is present with someone..... why was he even playing spin the bottle with three of his kids present...? -shot-*
James *would run from Dahlia..... fast...*

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